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Monthly Archives: May 2023

YOU HURT MY FEELINGS (in theatres)

Constantly being accused of disliking “comedy”; a subjective art form, admittedly there’s a modicum of truth in the accusation; humor to me must be rib-cracking, mascara running, bladder imperiled; guffawing uncontrollably, lusting for a repetition of the hilarious scene. Movies like Woody Allen’s “Sleeper” or Mel Brooks “The Producers” pass the “funny” test but the stellar, iconic funniest film I …

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L’IMMENSITA (Italian English subtitles) in theatres

Penelope Cruz tips the scales in skill and virtuosity in Italian director Emanuele Crialese’s, “L’immensita” (immensity); shadowing his own struggle with gender identity in the 1970’s. It is a film metaphorically nuanced, reminiscent of today’s gender divisive world. “Clara” (Cruz) a dazzling housewife with three children, the oldest “Adriana/Adri” (prodigiously astounding Luana Giuliani) at twelve comfortable in his male identity, …

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BLACKBERRY (in theatres)

I have yet to meet anyone who did not love their BlackBerry; I will be in its debt for eternity; it changed my life (which initially, felt ideal), added a freedom impossible to define and pole vaulted me into the internet marvels of the twenty-first century; still nostalgically mourn its loss. Canadian director/actor Matt Johnson’s tragicomedy about the meteoric rise …

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CARMEN (Spanish: English Subtitles) in theatres

The name is the same, but not Georges Bizet’s (1838-1875) renowned Opera that premiered in 1875; instead, Benjamin Millepied (“The Black Swan”), dancer, choreographer, now director, presents his version of a woman who clandestinely steals into the United States from Mexico; Melissa Barrera (“Carmen”) is the heroine with a stricken past, captured by border patroller “Aidan” (Paul Mescal), suffering from …

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Saturated with wholehearted poignancy we say goodbye to Mrs. Maisel; more than “marvelous” she possessed a flair for chicanery without guile, a vanity without pomposity, a wittiness without brutishness; Rachel Brosnahan (Miriam Maisel) along with the prescient writing of Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, is the quintessential stand-up comedian: unblemished timing, impeccable judgment of her audience, a queen of self-depreciation …

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The dashing, dimpled dandy with insouciant, uninhibited charm (Tomer Sisley) masking Shakespearian hubris, behind raffish, rascally wit; one dead wife who perpetually, deliciously, ghostly gives consul, another, a maniacal murderer, the mother of his baby daughter; his forensic genius, laced with aplomb, operates at the sharpest measure, with the aid of the murdered victims (whose dignification he champions) continuously titillating …

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