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Monthly Archives: November 2015


Satisfaction is 100% requited when a movie, not only delivers, but blasts predicted ennui, gifting viewers exactly what is needed from a two -hour respite;  escaping protestors, gruesome headlines, ubiquitous shoppers. “Rocky Balboa” (Sylvester Stallone’s iconic franchise) after forty years, comfortable with his fame, history and age, is now training “Adonis Creed”, the illegitimate son of “Apollo Creed”; Michael B. …

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Daniel Craig, in his fourth attempt, has sensationally nailed the role of “James Bond”; not the lothario like Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan or even David Niven; directed by Sam Mendes, Craig’s Bond is toughness packaged in a GQ facade, nary a wrinkle appears in his Armani suit after explosives, disintegrating buildings, helicopter headaches test the mettle of the …

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If you saw and remember the 2009 Academy Award winning Argentine “The Secret in Their Eyes” you should take a pass on this placid remake; Director Juan Jose Campanella’s taut, stunning thriller still ranks as one of the best psychological studies of vigilante justice ever created. Director Billy Ray’s rendition lacks a spirited scenario, intriguing dialogue and perceptive casting. The …

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Superbly written, directed, filmed and performed “Spotlight” focuses on the Pulitzer Prize winning team of the Boston Globe, who in early 2002, splayed across the front page the salacious, egregious history of pedophilia practiced among the Catholic priests in the Boston Archdiocese; a clandestine epidemic of mythic proportions. The “Spotlight” team, all Catholics (Boston, a predominately Catholic city) rose above …

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Vacations are exhuberant, transformative; a time to shed the inflexibility of the daily, weekly routine; scrape away  layers of sameness, predictability; unlock the imagination to the wonders of the unknown, allowing oneself to bask in the intricacies of a foreign culture or simply a venue away from the norm; returning refreshed, appreciative of the comforts, even obligations, expected from the …

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Peneflix on Vacation

In the meantime, please take some time to enjoy reviews from the 51st Chicago International Film Festival. Peneflix

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