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Monthly Archives: October 2010


If you are in the mood for mindless, unchallenging entertainment this joyous romp of a flick is the perfect infusion for addicted movie aficionados . Watching veteran actors prancing across the screen, slaying bad guys, foiling fiendish plots, uncovering subterfuge in the government is candy for an audience satiated with negative  campaigning, political obfuscation, and pervasive terrorists plots. Bruce Willis …

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As I watched this remarkably well made film based on the true life story of Betty Anne Waters and her miraculous quest to save her brother Kenny from life imprisonment, the words of John 15:13, “greater love hath no man (woman) than this”, galloped continuously through my mind. This is a love story, eighteen years in the gestation process, shorn …

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Movies Not To Miss (Or Skip) From the 46th Chicago International Film Festival

Because of my travels I was able to partake in half of the movie blitzkrieg assaulting Chicagoans the first week of our annual film festival. Disappointed, I was not. It was heartening meeting so many devotees (a euphuism for addicts) of film. It was reassuring that their were so many others more advanced in the 12 step program of compulsiveness …

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By request, reposting this review! Written by Angus McLachlan (“Junebug”). Directed by John Curran (“The Painted Veil”). Rarely will you see a blacker film; film noir at its pinnacle or nadir, depending on your perspective. It is profoundly dark; disturbing, troubling and extremely problematic. From the first scene the audience is dumbfounded by an act that imprisons in concrete a …

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Yesterday at the annual Holocaust Luncheon in Chicago over two thousand people paid  homage to a remarkable woman, a survivor of the worst atrocity ever visited upon mankind. As a young girl with her mother and brother (her father had been murdered) she lived for years in barns, huddled in dark infested holes, ate what could be scavenged from an …

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Sandwiched between the viewing of these two profoundly provocative films based on real people I read the story of the tragic suicide of an 18 year old college boy who was filmed clandestinely, having a sexual encounter which was subsequently screened on the Internet. He knew the filmmakers, “friends” who were responsible for his death. The victim and his friends …

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